Annachiara Maffezzoli

 Strategic Design / Branding / UX UI
Travel Memories: Publication Design
Concept, Photography, Typography         2020
Travel Memories is a collection of publications that wants to value my experience as a family and human connection as the main focus in the travel narratives. Against the backdrop of having the convenience of taking photographs with our phones and amassing the huge amount of images we can access with our fingertips– it is wonderful to recall experiences from the past and memorialize and curate them in the analog medium of a concrete book.

Each travel narrative is a selection, categorization, and pairing of mainly photographic memories that honor the warm kindness, stunning views, and unique cultures that could only be seen through the eyes of a conscious traveler. These publications show gratitude towards the open-minded eyes that my family taught me to travel with and, at the same time, enhance the light-heartedness action of experiencing the world.

    L’Havana, Cuba       2015

   Watamu, Kenya       2013
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