Travel Memories is a collection of publications that wants to value my experienced as a family and human connection as the main focus in the travel narratives. Against the backdrop of having the convenience of taking photographs with our phones and amassing the huge amount of images we can access with our fingertips, it is wonderful to recall experiences from the past and memorialize and curate them in the analog medium of a concrete book.

This project intentionally questions the contemporary method of archiving memories, which one we consider relevant and memorable and what we do to relive them. Through the years we shot thousands of photos with several devices and we find ourselves in a confusing, chaotic and mixed number of photos that are destined to sit in our device’s folders.

Each travel narrative is a selection, categorization and pairing of mainly photographic memories that honor the warm kindness, stunning views and unique cultures that could only be seen though the eyes of a conscious traveler. These publications show gratitude towards the open-minded eyes that my family taught me to travel with and, at the same time, enhances the light-heartedness action of experiencing the world. 
L’Havana, Cuba (2015)
Watamu, Kenya (2013)

Juno is a brand identity concept of a canned sparkling juice inspired by the flavors, colors and shapes of the Mediterranean sea. Its brand identity is built and developed around the vibrant energy of the warm and sunny Medieterranean coast, where nature is the pure protagonist of the experience in order to evoke the fresh and pure sensation of the flavors along the Mediterranean coast.
Juno: Inspired by the Sea,
Brand Identity Concept

World of Wellness is a publication that embraces 50 years of activity and shows the perpetual growth of a family business. They successfully achieved research, developement and creativity recognition thanks to the Made in Italy attribute.

The book, designed with original photography shot in the producion area of Mantova’s (Italy) headquarters, is filled up with information and deep description of the production process of a bathtube/ shower from raw material to the finished product. It follows the departments and the topic of a in-person company visit.
Novellini Group,

Wideawake is a magazine devoted to the conceptual and intellectual investigation of boundaries. It brings together articles that create a visual and emotional narrative. Have you ever  travelled without moving a finger?

Meditation, dreams, sleep paralyisis and other experiences can bring your feelings and your mind in a surreal world where your body is called to partecipate.
Wideawake Magazine
April/ May Issue

Palazzo Ducale di Mantova (Italy) is the cradle of my hometown and it’s mainly known as noble family of Gonzaga royal residence in the capital of their Duchy. Renowned for its paintings by Andrea Mantegna, comprise both original decorations, particularly fresco paintings, and what remains of the enormous 20,000-piece collection of art of the House of Gonzaga.

The brand identity is build around the unique shape of the facade of the palace in order to represent the historical and architectural culture of the city.
Palazzo Ducale di Mantova,

Annachiara Maffezzoli
New York, NY