Annachiara Maffezzoli

 Strategic Design / Branding / UX UI
Novellini: World of Wellness Publication
Concept, Layout, Typography           2020

When the pandemic happened, Novellini Group needed a way to replace in-person company visits: a 4-hour tour throughout all the departments that transform raw materials into the finished product, passing through the aluminum foundry, the glass factory, coating, assembly, and finally packaging. This publication embraces 50 years of activity and honors the perpetual growth of this successful family-owned business. Novellini Group successfully achieved research, development, creative design, and international recognition thanks to their faith in the Made in Italy added value.

The book, designed with an original photography shot in the production area of Mantova’s headquarters,  illustrates the company’s highlights and a deep description of the attentive production process of a bathtub/ shower from raw material to the finished product. 

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