Annachiara Maffezzoli

 Strategic Design / Branding / UX UI
La Dolce Vita: Poster Design Series
Visual Design           2020
La Dolce Vita is a series of posters devoted to Alzheimer’s patients. Guided by information found in field studies across the world, it is important to give the possibility to let dementia-suffering people recall happy and serene moments from their past.

The stimulation of the five senses is at the center of this strategy, in fact, each poster represents one of the five senses associated with an iconic fact that comes from the Dolce Vita, the Italian revolutionary period of fun, excitement, and fashion. I’ve decided to honor those years and the iconic progression of women’s role during that time, which gave to our grandmothers some of their most vivid memories from their past.

The Comforting Fictions of Dementia Care, The NewYorker


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